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High Scores For Lof Fruits Puzzles

Current High Score Champion


High Score: 31,000
Time Spent: 12m 19s
Lof Fruits Puzzles

Lof Fruits Puzzles

Current HOF Champion


HOF Score: 45,500
Time Spent: 6m 49s

Player Name Comment Score Date Scored Time Spent
Paola 31,000 April 10 12m 19s
Moonette 19,060 April 9 48s
Mimi 4,580 January 4 4m 15s

Historical Data For Guest

You have not played this game yet or there is no historical data available.

Historical Data For Entire Arcade

First Played Last Played: Total Time Played: Average Time Spent Life Time Score Times Played: Average Score
09/05/2021 05:53 AM 04/10/2022 07:15 AM 1h 30m 0s 5m 0s 269,920 18 14,996
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